Military Information

If you are thinking about serving your country, earning a salary right away, and getting a training that will help you in your future, then joining the military may be right for you.  Through various education programs, you may even be able to earn your college degree while in the service or have the government pay for part of your expenses after you leave the service. 
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Air Force:

Marine Corps:

Coast Guard:

National Guard:

If the military becomes your choice then take these steps: 

  • Talk to recruiters on their scheduled visits to WHS.  Dates and times will be listed in the Career Center.
  • Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) this Fall.  This test will help identify skills that are valuable in various jobs in the service. See your counselor for more details.
  • Talk with your counselor about specialized military opportunities such as the academies, ROTC scholarships, the national guard and reserve programs.