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"Love means giving your teens opportunities to be responsible and empowering them to make their own decisions. Logic means allowing them to live with the natural consequences of their mistakes---and showing empathy for the pain, disappointment, and frustration they'll experience" (Cline and Fay, 1992: Parenting Teens with Love & Logic).
"Choice theory is an internal control psychology; it explains why and how we make the choices that determine the course of our lives." [This theory explains] "why external control is so harmful and how a new, pro-relationship theory can replace it" [It seeks to] explain what [students] are doing to themselves" (Glasser, 1998: Choice Theory, A New Psychology of Personal Freedom)
The NAMS campuses embrace the NAREN 9-point quality program that focuses on curriculum, literacy, self-management, experiential work, small classrooms, planning, administrative support, community awareness, and staff development. The National At Risk Education Network, a non-profit organization directed by Dr. A. Dallmann-Jones, Author and Professor at Marian College, WI, is "dedicated to promoting the success of at-risk youth in our schools and supporting the educators who work on their behalf" (Dallman-Jones, 2006).