5_Earth Structures

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In this unit, students will learn about the Earth. Students will identify that the surface of the earth can be changed by forces, such as earthquakes and glaciers. They will learn about Earth's layers, plates, convection currents, sea floor spreading, Pangea, mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes.



  • Use the Internet to find important information about Earth structures. Choose any of the projects below to complete. Present them in a wiki or blog if possible or post on the web.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation. Work in small groups to define and illustrate the concepts listed above.
  • Create an animation with clay that demonstrates how one of the concepts listed above works.
  • Construct a model of Pangea and compare how the Earth looks today as it did millions of years ago. Use Inspiration to compare and contrast.
  • Construct a model of a volcano.Use a digital camera to take pictures of each step in the construction of your volcano. Describe the process of constructing the model. Explain why the volcano erupts with the ingredients included. Create a PowerPoint.
  • Use one of the photos in the gallery to construct a digital storytelling project. Prepare a script from the perspective of someone who experienced the event. Post the photo and narrate your script in Photostory.

Layers of the Earth

  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. Brainpop on Earth structures--go to Science-Earth System-Earth Structure
  3. Inside the Earth
  4. Earth's Changing Surface
  5. Inside the Earth
  6. Structure of the Earth (various sublinks)
  7. Earth's Layers


  1. Brainpop on Glaciers--go to Science-Earth System-Glaciers
  2. The Glacier Story: A Tour of the Life of a Glacier
  3. America's Story: Glacier National Park, Montana
  4. NOVA: Mountain of Ice
  5. Kenai Fjords National Park

Plate Tectonics & Earthquakes

Complete the Our Changing Earth webquest.

Use the following websites for more information.

  1. Brainpop on Earthquakes--go to Science-Earth System-Earthquakes
  2. Brainpop on Plate Tectonics--go to Science-Earth System-Plate Tectonics
  3. Life Along the Fault Line
  4. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program-for Kids Only


Complete the Volatile Volcanoes cyberhunt.

Use the following websites for more information.

  1. Brainpop on Volcanoes--go to Science-Earth System-Volcanoes
  2. Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  3. Amazing World of Volcanoes-Experiments and Demonstrations
  4. Volcanoes